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Ever since I stopped traveling for my job, my life has gotten rather boring. Not many adventures are happening here, and my life is a little too tedious to make a meaningful blog post as often as I would like. However, things still do happen here. A few months ago, I began putting down some things that I had learned each week as my status on facebook. These were little thoughts and realizations that were interesting, but didn’t add up to much. And  yet, if you collect these weekly thoughts for a few weeks, you can get a pretty good list going. The list that follows is the culmination of the six “Weekend Discoveries” status updates that I’ve had. There will probably be more posts like this one until something truly adventurous happens in my life. As a bonus, I’m including some “behind the scenes” thoughts on some of these points. I apologize for the extremely long post, but most of the points are kind of interesting anecdotes in their own right.

1. Adam Baldwin (of Chuck fame) was in Independence Day and looked really young in it.

2. There is a cheap seats movie theater in Huntsville.

[I really like watching movies in theaters, mainly for the experience. The screen is larger than I could ever afford, and the sound system is also better than I could afford. Also, watching movies at the theaters removes some of the distractions that I have when I watch movies at home. However, I don’t like paying nearly $10 for a ticket. Luckily, I have found Huntsville’s best kept secret. This theater has $1 movie showings that are the films about to hit DVD. There are barely a handful of people who are ever in the theater with me when I watch these movies. Take, for instance, when I saw Inglorious Basterds. I got a private screening for $1.]

3. Some very friendly neighbors.

[A local church group had a cook-out for lunch one Sunday at my apartment complex, and everyone from the complex was invited. I got to see a lot of my neighbors, and they are all very friendly.]

4. Even though losing by 4 points is disappointing, a Scrabble score of 155 is still commendable…

5. Metroid Prime is much easier with Wii controls.

[When I first purchased my Wii, I bought the Metroid Prime Trilogy, which took the three titles in the series and gave them all the same, more intuitive Wii controls.]

6. A college/career Bible study that seems to be a good fit for me.

[This was a discovery that was brought on through the meeting of one of my neighbors at the cook-out mentioned in point 3. Apparently he was leading a group that met at a nearby coffee shop on Sundays. This was a piece of my life that was missing up until this point, and I was glad to have it filled. This is also where point 4 comes into play, because we played Scrabble after the Bible study.]

7. “You’re only as witty as the people who surround you.”

[I came across this realization when I was reading a wikiHow on “How to be witty”. The groups that I interact with that think I am very witty are the ones that actually understand my references. The ones that think I am weird are the ones who don’t understand my references, hence this quote I have now coined.]

8. A productive Saturday leads to a very social Sunday.

[I usually get most of my “To do” list done on Saturdays, which leaves Sundays open to interact with others.]

9. Even if there’s only two other people in the theater, one of them undoubtedly needs to shut up.

[This is a reference to point 2. Even if there are only a handful of people in the theater with me, one of them will undoubtedly have an obnoxious laugh and will laugh at the wrong points in the movie or will be someone who feels like they need to talk during the film.]

10. Less Pride and Prejudice, more Zombies.

[For my birthday I received Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, which is an adaptation of the classic piece of literature . . . with zombies. However, this requires me to read Pride and Prejudice.]

11. Omega Pirate is impossible. Time to go and open up some areas in other levels.

[This is a reference to point 5. When I had Metroid Prime for the Gamecube, I had gotten stuck right before this part of the game and now that I was playing through it again, I found myself once again stuck.]

12. Barbeque is merely an excuse to eat dry, overcooked meat by attempting to cover up failure with a smoky-flavored sauce.

[For those that know me, I do not enjoy Barbeque, but to be polite to people who are offering me free food, I will still eat it.]

13. The new Kings of Convenience album (Declaration of Dependence) is perhaps their best yet. Jaunty and upbeat, with many catchy songs and riffs throughout.

14. Make sure car door is closed before making the run back to the apartment.

[The night before, I came home and it was raining really hard, so I made a dash to my apartment so as to reduce my getting wet. However, when I slammed my car door, it slammed on the seatbelt, and did not close. When I came out in the morning, I saw that my car door was open and freaked out a bit. Luckily, no one had taken advantage of this. Unfortunately, the inside of my car now was quite moist and it took some time to finally get the moisture out.]

15. Matthew 6:25-34 should just be my life scripture. It keeps popping back up to remind me to give God control.

16. “Formal Ninja” was a great costume idea and might need to make an appearance again with some additions.

[This was my Halloween costume this year, which consisted of me dressing up in formal wear (slacks, collared shirt, tie, vest, nice shoes) that were all black, using the “T-shirt ninja” head covering and adding on my cut-off gloves to the piece. The reaction at the party I attended when I walked up to the door and came in was, “Is that a trick-or-treater? Oh my God, he’s coming in the house!”. From this base costume, I am going to evolve it to “Steampunk Ninja” to be revealed at a later date.]

17. Chili-cook-offs are dangerous if you’re trying to be unbiased. At least I didn’t have to eat any dinner . . .

[This required me to eat at least 6 bowls of chili.]

18. Real Mexican food is actually quite good.

19. is a really good compilation and suggests that everyone download it and give it a listen.

20. Super Paper Mario shouldn’t have changed the battle system, the game ended up being far too easy.

[This game ended up being more like Super Mario, and less like Paper Mario.]

21. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin‘s second album is definitely better than their first one.

22. I should have bought flights when I first looked at prices, but still got me close to that initial price I saw, despite having to wait for it.

[Flights home for Christmas, that is.]

23. As Tall As Lions quickly made it into my inner sanctum of favorite music.

[This was the opening act to MUTEMATH at the concert I attended (please see “ConcerTennessee” for more info). In fact, most of the opening acts to MUTEMATH concerts are in my inner sanctum of favorite music.]

24. Four hours of driving was definitely worth four hours of concert.

[Reference to point 23 and 25.]

25. MUTEMATH is even more incredible in concert than I remember them.

26. Pain, sadness, anger, depression, cynicism. Yup, looks like I’m back to square one.

[Even 3 months after my breakup, I’m still trying to move on, but it’s proving to be difficult. Probably because I have no real prospects at this time.]

27. Local theatre feels exactly like Mines Little Theatre felt like . . . at least for set set-up.

[This was a connection that I had made through a co-worker. Apparently he lives in my apartment complex and his fiancee is involved with Theatre Huntsville. Through this connection, I was able to make some more connections with the theatre group as I helped them set up for their winter production. Hopefully I can use these connections to get back into acting, yet another part of my life in Huntsville that has been missing. Also, theatre stories sound a whole lot like war stories.]

28. Oreck != Eureka.

[When my vacuum broke, I opened it up and found that it had a broken belt. Needing a new belt so that I could actually vacuum my apartment, I went out to the Oreck store to buy a new one (because that was the only vacuum store that I knew of). Of course, after I had bought replacement belts there, I stood at the counter and realized that I had an Eureka vacuum and not an Oreck. Luckily I was able to make the return right then and there.]

29. Airport Road is impassable at any time even remotely close to any sort of rush hour.

[This was another part of the epic frustration that came with trying to get my vacuum fixed. The Oreck store is located on Airport Road, and it took far too long to get there because of the way that the lights and left turns were set up.]

30. Dakota Fanning is 16.

31. The Jay Leno Show must have a very cold stage.

[Points 30 and 31 are related. I happened to watch the Jay Leno Show one night because I was too lazy to turn my TV off after “30 Rock”. Dakota Fanning was one of the guests, and let’s just say that her dress made it look like the stage must be very cold.]

32. A clean apartment is a happy apartment.

[That’s right, I’m an organization freak, and I feel better when my apartment is clean and organized.]

33. Church in the South seems to follow the teachings of Acts 2:42 more often than not, and I’m all right with that.

[For those unfamiliar with this passage, essentially it has to do with fellowship and the breaking of bread. The church that I attend has services late enough in the morning on Sunday that it gets out around lunch time, and so there are many times that they hold church luncheons right after service. This is also a reference to point 17.]

34. LEGO Star Wars gets really tedious when it comes to “the grind”, but I’m determined to get 100% on it.

35. I’m really looking forward to this Thanksgiving holiday, more than I ever have before.

[Because of some of the events in my life up to that point, I was looking forward to spending some time with people who had known me for more than a few months. End analysis: we are all definitely related.]

36. Where are these cockroaches coming from?

[One evening I set down my shirt on the floor and when I went to go pick it up, a cockroach scurried out from it. I couldn’t figure out when or where the cockroach had gotten into the shirt.]

37. Carbohydrate crash naps are the best.

[Because in order for tryptophan to have the sedative effect that most people believe it does, you’d have to eat about 20 turkeys. The Thanksgiving crash nap comes from all the carbohydrates in the meal.]

38. I’ve known for some time that I’m not good at cleaning windows. This weekend proves it.

[This is a reference back to point 14. Because of the moisture in my car, the inside of my car windows had a bit of a haze to them. I decided to get out the Windex and clean them so that I could see better. I ended up making it worse. Twice. I still need to get them clean, but I think I need to do some window cleaning research first.]

39. Yes, it does snow in Huntsville.

[Not much (about 1/2 inch), but it does.]

40. Local news goes from 15 minutes of sports to 25 minutes of sports when someone wins something (the last 5 minutes are to report on snow).

[This is in part a reference to point 39. When Alabama won the SEC championship, that’s all the news could talk about. I don’t even know why I watch the news down here, because literally half of the broadcast is on college sports, of which I have absolutely no interest. To put it in comparison, most people who are interested in sports know the players and the coaches and lots of useless information, where as I am interested in movies and know all the actors and directors and lots of useless information.]

41. Fixing a ceiling fan is as easy as removing two of the blades.

[One of the problems in my apartment was that the ceiling fan in my bedroom would vibrate violently on higher speed settings. One night as I was laying in bed, I looked up at the fan and saw that one of the blades was warped so that it was not aligned like it should be. Since bending the fan blade back into the correct position was out of the question given my limited amount of tools (none), I did the next best thing and removed the fan blade directly across from it. Problem solved.]

42. I have far too many T-shirts, as shown by the four loads of laundry I had to do to clean most of them.

43. Pride & Prejudice & Zombies was an all right book, and was probably the only way that I was ever going to read Pride & Prejudice.

[Reference to point 10. I had finally finished reading it at this point]

44. Four guests is the most comfortable amount for the size of my apartment.

[I had some co-workers from the Sensors group over to my apartment to play some games one Friday. As compared to when I had nearly 10 people in my apartment, the four that showed up that evening made for a much more comfortable evening.]

45. I keep expecting God to speak through the Sunday sermons, and He keeps telling me exactly what I need to hear.