Week 21

Texas Style Potatoes

[taken from page 80 of “The Weilert Family Cookbook: 2nd Edition”]

Notes: What? Can’t a guy make an entire 9×13 pan of Texas Potatoes to eat all by himself? Get off my back already!

1. Super easy to make, which makes this a perfect side dish for pot lucks and other large dining events (like Thanksgiving).
2. Very similar to the Pork Chops and Potatoes recipe, which means that with a little bit of adjustment, I could fuse the two recipes together to make one super-dish.
3. The recipe calls for butter, but it only designates the amount for the crushed corn flakes on the top, and not for the onion mix. I ended up just looking in the fridge and using what was already used from a full stick. Turns out that the right amount is about a 1/4 cup, or half a stick.
4. Crushing corn flakes is definitely an enjoyable experience, even if you’re doing it with the handle of a very sharp knife (which means you’re grabbing the knife edge as the handle).
5. When the November pot-luck season comes around, this is my trump card.

Final Analysis: Excellent warm and as leftovers, this is the end all be all of family dishes.


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