Week 05

Cheese Omelet

[taken from page 222 of “The America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook”]Cheese Omelet

Notes: I needed to get rid of some of the perishable ingredients in my refrigerator before going on travel again, so here we are. I don’t normally have any use for eggs, shredded cheese and unsalted butter, so this recipe fit the bill. Looking back over my last few recipes, it appears that I like yellow foods.

1. This recipe is very quick to make. Almost too quick.
2. The instructions for this recipe said to add half of the eggs after half of the butter, but it never told me to add the other half. As such, I just added it all at once.
3. I’m not sure if this recipe actually worked, because it looked a little off from what I remember omelets being. Still, it tasted like an omelet, so I’m not complaining.
4. I’m really glad that I got a whisk from my grandmother’s estate, as it has come in handy recently.
5. Too much extra cheese on top isn’t advised, as the omelet doesn’t have enough heat to melt it all.

New Equipment Needed: Scraping spatula. I’ve got what appears to be a flipping spatula, and it did the job, but I can see that I’ll probably need one in the future.


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