Week 06

Italian Sausage Soup

[taken from page 15 of “The Weilert Family Cookbook: 2nd Edition”]Italian Sausage Soup

Notes: If you haven’t guessed yet, I like making soups. Something about it not being an “exact” science like engineering makes their creation a relaxing endeavor. Soups also make excellent leftovers, as all the flavors meld together while in the refrigerator.

1. A large skillet can take the place of a dutch oven.
2. The more “homemade” recipes sometimes lack certain pieces of information. For instance, this one called for “1 can of diced tomatoes”. What size of can?
3. A lot of these recipes include zucchini. Perhaps they were formed when the gardens were full of them . . . or something. As a result, I had some trouble guessing how much 1.5 cups of zucchini is, and I bought one zucchini too many.
4. This is a time consuming recipe to make. There’s at least an hour of simmering that it needs, so I need to make sure to plan out my time if I want to make this one again. Luckily the simmering time can be used to watch an episode of a TV show or something.
5. This is probably the healthiest meal I have eaten in 3 weeks.

New Equipment Needed:
1. Wooden stirring spoon. I realized when I was making this soup that I have been using a fork to stir my soups. A little strange, but then again so am I.
2. Skillet strainer. This semi-specialized piece of equipment would come in handy for this recipe, since it is kind of difficult to strain Italian sausage in a skillet while still keeping said sausage in the skillet.


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