Week 07

Chicken Pizzaiola

[taken from page 286 of “The America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook”]Chicken Pizzaiola

Notes: Since my family came out to visit, they brought with them some Pyrex baking pans I had gotten when I was back in Colorado. With this new equipment, it was now time to expand to the realm of poultry.

1. Instructions can sometimes be misleading. When it says to bake until the chicken registers 160°, then says “about 5 minutes longer”, this means that it should take 5 minutes to get to 160°, not that you should cook it 5 minutes past that 160° mark. That’s why the mozzarella turned black.
2. Brining chicken can be a safety factor that can keep a recipe from being ruined by a misread instruction.
3. Having a baking pan will expand the recipes that I can now make. No longer am I restricted to soups.
4. It is better to sprinkle the Parmesan cheese over the chicken than to put the chicken in the Parmesan cheese. That way there’s not as much cheese wasted in the end.
5. It’s surprising what 5 ingredients can make.

New Equipment Needed: Tongs. To keep from handling raw chicken too much, I feel that tongs would be more useful than using a fork to move the meat around.


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