Week 08

Banana Bread

[taken from page 492 of “The America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook”]Banana Bread

Notes: Yet another thing that I can start doing with the Pyrex pans that my family brought: baking. I decided to do the America’s Test Kitchen Banana Bread this time because I do not own the two loaf pans that are needed for the Weilert family recipe.

1. This particular cookbook has a remedy for bananas that aren’t close to being ripe enough for this recipe: 15 minutes in the oven. This gives them enough time to ripen to perfection and to allow you to ready the rest of the ingredients.
2. I need to estimate the size of my ingredients better. I had to switch bowls a few times during this recipe, thus increasing the amount of things I had to wash.
3. It is difficult to find the “Plain” flavored yogurt in the store, let alone a size that would easily produce 0.25 cups. Let’s just say that there is a reason for the scarcity of plain yogurt: its taste is pretty disgusting (I know this from having to finish the cup).
4. Even though the cookbook recommends a nonstick loaf pan, I found that the glass pan works just as well as long as there is a very liberal application of Pam to it beforehand.
5. Definitely glad that I bought that scraping spatula, as it was asked for specifically in this recipe.

New Equipment Needed: Cooling rack. I ended up using an old, large pizza pan over the sink for this recipe, but I would feel a little better not having to MacGuyver it. Also, another loaf pan would be nice, so that I may make a comparison to the family recipe.


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