Week 09

Scrambled Eggs

[taken from page 218 of “The America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook”]

Notes: Once again, I was stuck with some extra eggs before leaving on a 3-week business trip. What to do? What to do?Scrambled Eggs

1. Even though it didn’t take any longer to make than a bowl of cereal, the addition of heat to a breakfast is somewhat stressful, considering that I was asleep mere minutes before.
2. The recipe said to not stir the eggs, but instead to fold them. Turns out that they were right, because these scrambled eggs were the best I’d ever had.
3. Halving this recipe was really easy, due to the minimal amount of ingredients.
4. If you don’t have half-and-half lying around, milk turned out to be an adequate substitute.
5. Even though this recipe took almost no effort, the amount of cleaning needed afterwords doesn’t make it ideal for my morning routine.

New Equipment Needed: None. Although, it did help to have the scraping spatula that I didn’t have before.


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