Week 11

Sugar Cookies

[taken from page 502 of “The America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook”]Sugar Cookies

Notes: It’s somewhat strange how I decided to bake cookies in order to cure some boredom I had one night, but then again, I suppose this cooking/baking has really grown on me as of late. Probably due to weeks of eating out and wanting to do some of my own cooking for a change. I just sat down, thought of what ingredients I had lying around and picked up the cookbook for a laugh.

1. Make sure you know what measuring spoon you’re using for ingredients. I accidentally used a tablespoon when I needed to use a teaspoon.
2. Be careful when pouring ingredients over the bowl you’ll be mixing them in. I accidentally spilled too much vanilla extract into the batter.
3. The cookbook notes that the delicate balance of the ingredients for this recipe are key to getting it right. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough butter or sugar and had to go less “by the book” than I would have liked. Turns out that baking is more of an exact science than soups are.
4. I am a bad judge of how much a 2 tablespoon ball of dough is, as evidenced by these 12 square looking, slightly undercooked cookies. The recipe says it makes 2 dozen, and I believe them.
5. I didn’t have parchment to line my baking pans, but I did liberally apply some non-stick spray. I wonder if the parchment would have solved anything.

Final Analysis: Despite not having the correct amounts for certain ingredients, and making cookies that were far too large, the end result wasn’t too terribly awful. They weren’t great, but they weretolerable. I would probably chalk this entry up to experience, as now I have learned much through a “trial by fire”.


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