Week 15

Bavarian Apple Torte

[taken from page 136 of “The Weilert Family Cookbook: 2nd Edition”]

Notes: What’s more American than apple pie on Memorial Day? Bavarian Apple Torte on Memorial Day. Yet another use for my springform pan.

1. I might actually have to use a smaller springform pan for this recipe if I want to follow it completely. It calls for spreading the crust about 1.5 inches up the side of the pan, and I barely had enough to coat the bottom. 2. Once again, I find it difficult to know how many apples would constitute 4 cups, so since it didn’t seem to really matter, I just said 1 apple = 1 cup.
3. It seems to me that cream cheese is a staple of many springform pan desserts (and many other desserts for that matter).
4. I should probably peel the apples next time, but it doesn’t really seem to make that much of a difference, considering how thinly I had to slice them.
5. I cut the almonds from this recipe, due to my preference to not eat almonds.

Final Analysis: Pretty much what I had remembered, so that must mean that I got it right. With the exception of cutting up the apples into thin slices, this recipe came together very quickly and used pretty basic ingredients. I guess this could be my “emergency dessert” should I need one in a short amount of time.


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