Week 17


[taken from page 95 of “The Weilert Family Cookbook: 2nd Edition”]

Notes: I think that my cooking goal for this year will be to cook 52 different things (52 being the number of weeks in a year), seeing as some weeks I cook two things to compensate for the time that I’ve been gone. So just know that from here on out, the “week number” applies to how close I am to the 52 item goal. This just so happens to be one of the “double week” items, which is a delectable German pastry from the family cookbook.

1. Making half of this recipe actually turned out pretty well, although having had experience with this particular food, I can see why the recipe would make two sheets of it.
2. Sometimes I need to slow down and read the instructions more carefully, as I didn’t completely follow one of the instructions for the dough. Still, it seemed to turn out all right even in spite of this mistake.
3. I am definitely impatient when it comes to dough rising, and I don’t think that I waited long enough or it could be that . . .
4. . . . I killed some of the yeast when I added the milk. This recipe called for “scalded milk”, which was then cooled to lukewarm temperatures. Not knowing how scalded milk is obtained caused me to just put a cup of milk in the microwave for what seemed like a “scalding” amount of time. That time was definitely past scalding, and it took far too long to get the temperature down, so I just determined that it was lukewarm enough and mixed it in.
5. In order to minimize the extra blueberries that would result from this recipe, I crammed as many as I could on there, and it all seemed to work out, despite being a huge, blue mass of pastry.

Final Analysis: The crust was a little tough (probably due to the yeast issue) but the essence of the recipe was there. Definitely had the contented sigh of home cooking when I ate my first piece. I will definitely have to make this again, and perhaps a full recipe to share with more people next time.


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