Week 18

Chicken Enchiladas

[taken from page 41 of “The Weilert Family Cookbook: 2nd Edition”]

Notes: Another week at home, another dinner party. This time it’s another personal favorite, although I seem to recall that my family has recently switched over to the America’s Test Kitchen version of this recipe. I might just have to try their version one of these days when I’m not entertaining, and can be allowed to make more mistakes.

1. This recipe is not for the OCD-clean-kitchen types. Because it calls for coating the tortillas in enchilada sauce on both sides, I found drips of the sauce all over the counter where I was preparing this dish. Even after wiping off the area, there remains a slight reddish tint to the counter top.
2. Another fault of “family recipes” (which I have covered before) is the indeterminate means of measurement. For future reference, when you bake this dish until “[the] edges of enchiladas are crisp and the cheese has melted”, 20 minutes have past.
3. There is a lot of transference required in this recipe, and as such, requires many plates to be dirtied in the process.
4. Glad I had the food processor for this recipe, because I only have one cutting knife, and it was already dirtied with raw chicken. Plus, it made chopping the onion about 30 times quicker than normal.
5. Cooking skills I am now proficient in: scalding myself with hot oil. Yet another recipe that requires that I use hot oil to flash-cook the meat before it goes into some other containment for baking.

New Equipment: Kitchen shears. Oh, what I wouldn’t have given for a good pair of kitchen scissors on this recipe. At the very least I managed to not slice my finger off when cutting the chicken up, but I believe that convenience is what I aim for.

Final Analysis: Not overcooked, but still off a little bit. It could be that I cooked the onions in the drippings from the chicken, or the way I cooked the chicken, but it didn’t quite taste the same as I remember it. At any rate, it doesn’t really matter, because it is (after all) a comfort food.


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