Week 19

Potluck Pan Rolls

[taken from page 88 of “The Weilert Family Cookbook: 2nd Edition”]

Notes: This week’s recipe was done because of the particular circumstances my dinner party happened to bring. The main course was a request of one of the previous recipes I had done (Zucchini Garden Chowder), and the guests brought dessert, so I had to think of something else to make so that I wouldn’t get further behind than I already am. Henceforth: rolls.

1. I really should stop doing recipes that are technically considered “baking” until I get my Kitchenaid standing mixer. This is mainly because . . .
2. . . . the dough for this recipe was INCREDIBLY sticky. For instance, think of the stickiest thing you can think of, and this dough is about 10 times stickier than that. I thought the sugar cookie dough was sticky, and this dough made that look absolutely manageable in comparison.  I think I ended up washing a lot of the dough into the sink because so much of it stuck to my hands instead of going where it needed to.
3. As learned on previous recipes and in a hand shaking exercise, I have abnormally large hands. These do not tend to be made for making small balls of dough, as shown by the somewhat large rolls that resulted.  Perhaps using a smaller pan would produce better results.
4. Letting dough rise is a very patient process and I really need to give myself more time when I bake, because I end up rushing the rising process of the yeast.
5. Unless you have some sort of kneading mat that you use for kneading dough, make sure that your counter is surgically clean, because anything that’s on that counter is going to end up in your dough when you knead it. Also, I found that using the edge of a pie server made for an excellent dough scraper for cleaning up the counter.

New Equipment: Smapron. Some sort of manly smock or apron would be useful in keeping food off of my clothes when I cook. I noticed this week and last week that I ended up getting a lot of splatter on the bottom of my shirt, so some protection would be nice. Also, I’m constantly washing my hands, so it would be nice to have something I’m wearing serve the purpose of drying my hands.

Final Analysis: Surprisingly, I did not ruin this recipe like I thought I had. The rolls were soft and moist, if not a bit larger than I would have liked them to be. I used my bread knife to separate the rolls once they were out of the oven, then brushed on some melted butter and let them cool. Even though I rushed the recipe, the rolls seemed to work out perfectly. Definitely a good recipe to have in my repertoire.


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