Week 23

Emergency Chocolate Cake

[taken from page 525 of “The America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook”]

Notes: It has come to my attention that I may need to buy another 9×13 pan for cooking, which is partly why I chose this recipe as a dessert. I have found very few recipes that call for the 8×8 pan, so I was glad to get some use out of it.

1. I’m not certain what “Dutch-processed” cocoa powder is, so I just went with the Hershey’s powdered chocolate, because it was the only thing I could find.
2. This recipe confused me by having Mayonnaise as one of the ingredients. Apparently this recipe needed fat, and this was the way that it was delivered.
3. As was the case with some of my other baking exploits, the center of the cake kind of collapsed. I think I need a little more practice to fix this problem which seems to be under-baking (as the center was a little gooey).
4. For a cake that is touted as “Emergency”, the 1 to 2 hour cool time seems a little less urgent. Although to its credit, the prep time was 5 minutes.
5. With the square pan used to make this cake, I know I can usually get 9 equal pieces out of it.

Final Analysis: Moist and chewy, this cake was pretty good for my first crack at it. I may need to get some toothpicks to test the “done-ness” next time.


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