Week 25

Fiesta Casserole

[taken from page 310 of “The America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook”]

Notes: Decided to not have a dinner party this week. As such, I also decided to try a new recipe from the America’s Test Kitchen cookbook.

1. The amount of broth they call for in this recipe is a bit much. I think it would probably be just as good with about 2 cups instead of 3.
2. I’ve learned that the nutrition facts will give me information on amounts (like cups) by doing a little bit of mathematics on the serving size and amount of servings in a package.
3. This could be a very dangerous dish to make, because it is required to move it around a few times, and the majority of the contents are very liquid, which could be a very bad scene if dropped or spilled.
4. It says to put in shredded chicken, but I just figured that I would cook the chicken the way I did for the Chicken Enchiladas, but with smaller chunks. Thank goodness I have kitchen shears now.
5. This is another recipe that is excellent for multitasking. When the main ingredients ended their initial baking, I was able to finish cooking the chicken and get it right into the casserole.

Final Analysis: Certainly a recipe that I will use again when winter hits, as it has some good heat to it. Not only in temperature, but in spicy-ness. Once again, I find that casseroles are not difficult to make, and are some of the quicker recipes to complete from start to finish.


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