Week 28

Cherry Cheese Packet

[taken from page 132 of “The Weilert Family Cookbook: 2nd Edition”]

Notes: Not only is this a great dessert, it can pass as a pretty fine breakfast dish as well. To top everything off, it looks as good as it tastes.

1. Once again, my “shoot first ask questions later” style got me into trouble, as I added 1/4 cup more sugar to the cream cheese filling (really need to read those measurement markings better). However, I think this simple mistake shouldn’t alter the taste too severely.
2. I’ve found that drinking glasses can be excellent miniature glass bowls to use for separating eggs, mixing sugar and cinnamon and other low volume tasks.
3. The fact that you don’t have to make the dough for this recipe (2 packages of Pillsbury crescent rolls is what it calls for), makes this recipe that much quicker to produce (about an hour from start to cooling).
4. I should make it a habit to bake something that has cinnamon in it after I make a dish with garlic, so that I can cover one smell with the other.
5. You can definitely tell that a man made this dish, as the lattice work on the upper crust is thick, rough and lacks finesse. Perhaps I’ll get better with practice, but I’m pretty sure that a woman’s touch can make any lattice crust look attractive.

New Equipment: 9X13 pan – I already have one of these, but I’ve found recently that I need to frequently clean it (or at least more frequently than I do dishes) so that I can do other recipes in it. Luckily, I have already taken care of this equipment issue by buying a new Pyrex dish with portable capabilities (read: lid and carrying case), since I know I will probably end up needing to transport food in the future.

Final Analysis: I was curious to see if this recipe would also work in an 8X8 pan, as the filling (both the cream cheese and the cherries) seemed pretty thin in a 9X13. However, during the baking process, the 9X13 pan filled out by the rising of dough and other baking reactions, so I’m glad I stuck to the recipe.


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