Week 29

Deviled Steak Cubes

Notes: As you may recall, a few recipes back I tried to make this recipe, but ended up with Hungarian Goulash instead. Since this recipe was not in the Weilert family cookbook, I had to have it sent to me, and is (as such) “off the book”. And yet, since this is one of my favorite recipes, we’ll see if it lives up to my expectations.

1. Even though you could coat the steak (which is incredibly easy to cut) in a lidded container, the gallon size Ziploc bag is definitely the best method, because you can handle the individual pieces of meat to make sure that everything gets coated.
2. Since I was having guests for dinner again, I decided to do some beforehand preparation. You can cut the meat, coat it and put it back into the refrigerator to await the browning process. The same goes for the onion, which can be diced and then put in the refrigerator.
3. I combined the last of the ingredients added to this recipe beforehand since they were all added at the same time anyways. Turns out they all fit nicely in a Pyrex measuring cup.
4. An addendum to this recipe might be to cook everything in a non-stick skillet. I kept having to scrape the pieces of meat off the bottom of the skillet, so I’m glad the coating made sure that nothing stuck.
5. I was glad to have a large enough pot to boil all the rice at once, since the last time I made rice for something like this, I ended up being behind schedule.

New Equipment: Ladle. I seem to have most cooking spoons, but somehow I don’t have one of these. Not that this recipe requires one, I just noticed that I’ll need one eventually.

Final Analysis: I didn’t realize that this recipe made so little. It was as delicious as ever, so we ate it all before I could get a picture of it. This picture is of the second batch I made. At least I know that this recipe is good individually, as it will create minimal leftovers. And no, I think there is no coincidence that it looks like a heart, because I love this recipe so much 😛


One response to this post.

  1. Yea, I usually double the recipe when making it for 5. Also, its okay if the meat sticks a bit during the browning process. After you add the tomato sauce and other ingredients and stir it once in a while, it all loosens and adds to the thickening of the sauce.


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