Week 31

Chocolate Sheet Cake

[taken from page 153 of “The Weilert Family Cookbook: 2nd Edition”]

Notes: I’m finding that being invited to events, such as cookouts, has given me more opportunities to practice my cooking skills. Another interesting note about this recipe is that it is the first recipe that my father made without parental assistance. Luckily, I remembered the baking soda.

1. When placing a sheet cake in the oven, make sure that the rack you are placing it on is completely horizontal. I almost had a very terrifying experience when the pan started sliding off the rack. Luckily I caught it (with an oven mitt, fortunately) before it could become a travesty of a mess.
2. Another recipe that makes me love my Kitchenaid standing mixer.
3. I like that the frosting is made in the same saucepan as the cake. Makes cleanup a lot easier.
4. I started the frosting a little bit too soon, so I had to reheat it a little bit to get it onto the cake, since it solidifies rather quickly.
5. I don’t like when I pour something into a pan and it comes all the way up to the edge. Makes me nervous that something very messy could happen (as in if #1 had actually transpired).

Final Analysis: A very quick cake to make, even if it does have some obscure ingredients (e.g. buttermilk and sweet milk) that I don’t usually have lying around the house. The frosting is also an interesting attribute of this cake, since it’s like pouring molten chocolate on a cake. Still, very tasty and worth sharing with others.


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