Week 32

Strawberry and Cream Squares

[taken from page 140 of “The Weilert Family Cookbook: 2nd Edition”]

Notes: OK, so this is the first of two recipes that I cooked as part of a dinner that the choir put on for some special guests to our church. This made sure that I would not be sitting at home eating 75% to 100% of a dessert by myself. Also, it removed the question of who I should have over for dinner this week.

1. Yet another dessert recipe that requires walnuts in its crust. Omitted for obvious reasons.
2. I really should do research on more of my ingredients before I go shopping. I wasn’t sure what soda crackers were until I got home and checked. I bought club crackers when in reality I needed to buy saltines. Not having eaten this recipe before, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to taste any difference.
3. Strawberries must be out of season, because when I looked at the container in the store, they all looked fine, but some of them on the inside of the container were starting to get mushy and couldn’t be used. Next time I might go with frozen strawberries just to remove the hassle. Also, when slicing strawberries, they end up being pretty mobile, due to their round shape.
4. Cream of tartar is one of those ingredients that I feel is rarely seen in recipes. My proof? 1. I first was looking for something like tartar sauce, but thought that couldn’t possibly be right. Luckily I didn’t substitute tartar sauce for Cream of tartar. 2. The shaker of Cream of tartar that I found at the store had dust on its top. Obviously not a high-demand ingredient.
5. I finally got to use my hand mixer on its highest setting, and it reminded me of that scene in Ben Hur where they’re rowing on the ship and the slave driver bellows, “Ramming Speed!”

Final Analysis: Without being able to taste it until tomorrow, everything looks like it came out correctly. Of course, considering the ingredients, I’m sure it tastes scrumptious.


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