Week 35

French Toast Casserole

[taken from page 62 of “The Weilert Family Cookbook: 2nd Edition”]

Notes: Another one of those recipes that could either be a breakfast (as it was designed to be) or a dessert (as it ends up being). Yet more proof that the Weilert secret ingredient is cream cheese.

1. Fortunately, a 9″X13″ dish can take the place of an 11″X13″ dish. I’m not even sure I can find an 11″X13″ dish . . . not that I’m looking that hard.
2.  I’m glad that the bowl I chose to mix the egg mixture in was big enough to handle the 14 eggs this recipe calls for, but it was definitely a tight fit. I guess I didn’t realize how much volume 14 eggs, and a cup and a half of other ingredients really encompasses.
3. Decided to use whole milk instead of regular milk since (A) I had some extra from my last recipe and (B) I thought it would make for a richer taste.
4. Probably should have let this set in the refrigerator overnight, instead of the alternate “one hour”.
5. I like that the timer I have beeps when there are 10 minutes left, so I could just set the timer for the full time and come in and cover the dish with tin foil when I heard the 10 minute beep.

Final Analysis: Tastes the way I always remembered it. However, I might need to figure out how to get the pieces of bread smaller, since they were a little on the large side.


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