Week 36

Lemon Bars

[taken from page 104 of “The Weilert Family Cookbook: 2nd Edition”]

Notes: I’ve learned my lesson. When you bring a dessert to a church function, make sure that it’s at least in an 9″X13″ pan.

1. Simple ingredients produce a simply delicious dessert.
2. Omitted the chopped nuts and coconut, due to personal preference. Also, I’m pretty sure I’ve never had this recipe with those ingredients.
3. Family recipes are often fraught with vague instructions. This recipe said to frost with lemonade concentrate mixed with powdered sugar. It did not say how much to use of each. I ended up using a 1:1 ratio of concentrate to powdered sugar. I might have to adjust accordingly in future iterations of this recipe.
4. Not knowing how much lemonade concentrate was left in the can, I did the simple thing and measured it out. Turns out that once you take 3 tablespoons from the can, 1 cup is left. 1 cup exactly, which made measuring out the powdered sugar a simple task.
5. Considering the amount of overlap of mixing and baking there is in this recipe, it can be out of the oven and cooling in 30 minutes. A nice, quick recipe to use in dessert emergencies.

Final Analysis: Heaven in bar form. One bite and you just have to sigh. Although, I think I may need to up the powdered sugar on the frosting to a 4:1 ratio of powdered sugar to lemonade concentrate.


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