Week 37

Beef Tortilla Casserole

[taken from page 356 of “The America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook”]


Notes: Kind of stumbled upon this recipe when I was trying to figure out something that I could cook ahead of time, then just throw it in the oven before going to church so that it would be nice and warm for everyone to eat for a lunch potluck. Note: the Pyrex carrier case comes in very handy here, as it has a heat pack and traps the heat of the dish very well, keeping everything warm for a long time.


1. One thing that this resolution has given me is a sense of where the odd ingredients are located in the grocery store. Before today, I didn’t even know you could buy chipotle chiles in adobo sauce.

2. A lot of the recipes in the America’s Test Kitchen cookbook call for you to rinse the beans before adding them to the recipe. An interesting practice, but it makes sense if you think about it.

3. One of these days, I’ll come upon a recipe that calls for tortillas and the amount that it calls for will match the amount you can buy in the store. What am I going to do with 12 6″ corn tortillas now that I used 18 of them from a package of 30?

4. Once again, I missed an instruction that was hidden in the ingredients (mincing the chipotle chiles). I hope that it doesn’t affect the recipe that much.

5. I was glad to find a bag of shredded cheese that had a mixture of cheddar and Monterey Jack that matched the total quantity of cheese I needed. I was glad because I couldn’t find a bag of Monterey Jack that was small enough.

Final Analysis: Wow. What a kick! I think I may have to stick a little closer to the recipe next time in regards to the chiles and the spices, as this dish definitely had a strong after-burn.


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