Week 38

Chicken and Rice Casserole

Notes: Another recipe from the maternal side of the family and one of my personal overall favorites. It may look bland, but it is a very delicious dish.

1. Another “mix and go” recipe. Prep time was 5 minutes, max; and that was mostly used to cut up the chicken.
2. I seem to be on a rice kick lately. A lot of my recent recipes rely on this ingredient. Perhaps it’s the “Uncle Ben” coming out in me.
3. I learned that this recipe has you put the rice in raw, which was a new concept to me and would probably explain why the Fiesta Casserole was a bit more watery when it was done cooking. Looks like I have some adjustments to make.
4. I’m not sure what the cause is, but this recipe ended up a little more watery than I remember it. This could be due to either the humidity, the oven, or the casserole dish I used.
5. I think that if I can keep ingredients around for a few quick recipes like this, I will be able to get rid of the frozen and dried foods from my diet. Next step: the freezer test.

New Equipment: Covered casserole dish. This is one item that I haven’t really been able to find in any stores, and I suppose it’s probably because I haven’t been looking very hard for one, or possibly have been looking in the wrong stores. I managed to solve the “covered” problem this time by placing a cookie sheet over the dish.

Final Analysis: A little mixing after I got it out of the oven took care of the watery problem, but I wonder if I had left it uncovered if that would have helped some. At any rate, it’s a good base recipe and can easily be adjusted with additions like vegetables and cheeses.


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