Week 41

One Dish Breakfast

[taken from page 61 of “The Weilert Family Cookbook: 2nd Edition”]

Notes: A pretty common breakfast meal that my family cooks. I usually have it at least one breakfast when around extended family.

1. This recipe took a surprisingly minimal amount of time to prepare, but requires plenty of forethought, since it needs to set overnight.
2. I often wondered why this was called “One Dish Breakfast”. Now that I’ve made it, I realize that it has all the elements of breakfast (eggs, milk, bread, cheese, sausage) combined in a convenient casserole.
3. I’ve found that bread is the key ingredient for egg-related casseroles. It seems to be the binder that holds the eggs together. Another recipe that uses this technique is French Toast Casserole, albeit with a much higher ratio of bread to eggs.
4. When I browned the sausage, I decided to use one of my smaller saucepans to perform this task instead of a skillet. This choice was because I have more control when the sides are higher. I may actually have to use that particular saucepan to cook meats that need draining because apparently it’s a little warped. When I put the lid on, it doesn’t form a perfect seal around the top and can act as a barrier to keep the meat in, but allow the grease to drain.
5. Even though it takes almost an hour to bake, I almost prefer this type of breakfast because I’ve done all the measuring, cooking and thinking beforehand so when I wake up groggy and half-asleep I just need to put it in the oven (after removing the plastic wrap, of course).

Final Analysis: Add some salsa and this is the perfect omnibus breakfast.


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