Week 44


Notes: This is one of those recipes that isn’t in the family cookbook, but which I remember often from my youth. That’s why I figured, why not enter it in my church’s chili cook-off?

1. I didn’t know that there was actually ground beef specifically made for chili. At least that’s the first time I’ve seen a sticker on a package of ground beef with a serving suggestion.
2. So, the reason that there are chili cook-offs is because there can be a lot of variation on a basic recipe. This was merely the basic recipe that I may need to make some adjustments to in order to make it more my own creation. Which leads me to point #3 . . .
3. Apparently this was one of those “unwritten recipes” that my family makes. It seems that my father had an idea of what needed to be in it, and just never wrote it down. I found this frustrating, since I’m not comfortable on just guessing how it should be made.
4. I may have my priorities a little mixed in regards to how to choose an appliance to buy. It seems that I bought my new crock pot based on 1. price and 2. that the color would match my kitchen’s motif.
5. I didn’t expect to win anything with this chili, due to its basic composition. I just needed another recipe to make to reach my goal.

Final Analysis: Tasted fine. Just the way I remember it. I may have to make this again after I get the recipe for Mexi-chili from my family. Mexi-chili is a good “chili leftovers” dish, sometimes known as “Frito pie”. That is, assuming there actually is a recipe.


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