Week 45

Tenderloin Parmigiana

[taken from page 52 of “The Weilert Family Cookbook: 2nd Edition”]

Notes: Another one of those variations on the theme of Chicken Parmesan. The lessons I learned when making the Chicken Parmesan definitely came in handy when making this dish. Plus, with 4 servings I’ll be able to concentrate on packing and cleaning instead of cooking for the next few days leading up to my move.

1. Since both dishes share very similar preparation techniques, it was easy to follow the recipe, since I had essentially already done it before. However, following the directions on this recipe did mean that I did not burn myself with hot oil, like I did the last time.
2. One point that I like in this recipe is that the recipe is made in a 9″X13″ pan, which meant that I did not have to worry about where I happened to spill the sauce, because it would all be contained. Of course, finding a 15.5 oz. jar of prepared spaghetti sauce was a challenge, since most jars come in much larger sizes. I might just have to bite the bullet and get the larger jar next time, because there wasn’t nearly enough sauce.
3. I found that I did not want to deal with the hassle of slicing pork tenderloin, so I just got the boneless pork chops I’ve been getting all along now.
4. One cup of breadcrumbs I felt was unsatisfactory to allow for even coating for all pork chops, even with the reduced number. I would probably adjust the recipe to read “1 cup breadcrumbs per slice of pork”, which would work out to about 6 cups. 5 might actually be a better estimate.
5. I think the key “secret ingredient” to this recipe is the seasoned salt. That seems to be the only different ingredient when compared with the Chicken Parmesan recipe (with the obvious exception of the substitution of chicken for pork).

New Equipment: Covered pan. I really wish Pyrex made oven-safe covers for their pans, since they would certainly come in handy in many instances.

Final Analysis: Deceptively simple. Preparation is easy and there’s little left to do after you put it in the oven. It tasted good, but the taste is largely dependent on the type of spaghetti sauce you choose.


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