Week 46

Easy Day Casserole

Notes: Also known as “Tater Tot Casserole”, this is one of those elusive recipes that didn’t make the cut for the family cookbook.

1. If there’s any proof that I’m a meat and potatoes kind of guy, this recipe is it.
2. This recipe might just have the least amount of steps of any of the recipes I’ve made this year. Not that I’m complaining or anything. For the amount and quality of food I get out of it, it’s just as easy as if I cooked something frozen or boxed (like I had been before this cooking resolution).
3. I need to make sure that I cook my recipes that have meat as a prime ingredient soon after I buy said meat. The ground beef got really close to expiring on me, and I don’t want to get food poisoning from my own cooking.
4. Considering that all the bags of tater tots were larger than what this recipe called for, I think the extra tater tots make it extra awesome. That’s usually the best part of this recipe anyways.
5. When it says to line the bottom of a 9″X13″ pan with something, I usually hope that it entirely covers the bottom of the pan. Not so in this case, which I now know.

Final Analysis: Warm and created with little hassle or cooking time. This may just have to be my “go-to” recipe for hectic schedules.


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