Week 47

Taco Soup

Notes: A more recent recipe that my family has taken to making. Because it is delicious, simple and deliciously simple.

1. Now that we’re back in “soup weather”, I welcome the change. Warm and easy is definitely good for cold nights.
2. Surprisingly few pieces of equipment are needed for this recipe. It’s pretty much a pot, a spoon, a knife and a can opener.
3. Definitely remembering why I love making soups. Well, most soups anyways. Just cook the meat, then mix everything together and let sit on the stove for an hour. Simplicity incarnate.
4. Since I was bringing this recipe for an “International Pot luck” I actually made a double recipe. This was so that I could leave half at home and have something to eat for the rest of the week. I used to loathe leftovers, but now that I’ve started writing in my spare time, they have been a Godsend.
5. I need to remember to stir the stuff I cook in my big pot more frequently than I would my smaller pot. Let’s just say that non-stick is a useful attribute to have.

Final Analysis: Delicious. Considering that I know what freezes well, I may have to make more of this recipe in the near future so that I can stock up (har har har) for the coming winter months.


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