Week 50

“Great Pumpkin” Cookies

[taken from page 114 of “The Weilert Family Cookbook: 2nd Edition”]

Notes: Once again, I am taking advantage of some of those “seasonal” recipes due to their “seasonal” ingredients.

1. When opening a container of quick oats, make sure you’re over a sink . . . or are going to vacuum your floor soon afterward.
2. Non-stick cookie sheets are my friends. As is the non-stick spray.
3. Uniform cookie sizes? Mellon-baller. Apparently that was the answer I needed to get my cookies made correctly. Good thing I got one for my birthday.
4. Next time I might give in and do this recipe in the Kitchenaid mixer instead of using a bowl and the hand mixer. Mainly due to the alternating additions of pumpkin and the dry ingredients.
5. Extra pumpkin left in the can? Freeze it for later! Now I know that some ingredients don’t have to go to waste.

Final Analysis: Soft, warm, manageable size. The fact that I made the entire batch and they all turned out the same shocks me somewhat, but I am not going to complain against a success like that. This was probably the one recipe I know I accomplished verbatim from how I remember them tasting.


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