Chapter II

Blind is the Man with no Eyes

Blood began to stream down his face as he hunched over from the blow of the explosion.  Police chief Stone Detritus hadn’t had to deal with criminals like this before, and now these recent events would be continuously replayed in his mind, haunting him for years to come.  It all began as an all points bulletin the morning of July 6th, 2002.  There were some rabble rousers that had robbed a bank, and then hid themselves inside an abandoned plate glass window factory with one of the tellers from the bank as a hostage.  Normally, Chief Detritus wouldn’t go to these kinds of busts, but today the criminals had messed with the wrong man because it turns out that his wife of 15 years next week, Sandy Detritus, was the hostage bank teller, so Stone decided to tag along on this mission to ensure the safety of his wife. 

Negotiations went back and forth for a few hours, with the robbers occasionally firing off a shot into the grouping of police officers.  Finally, Stone decided that the situation warranted a physical interaction with these crooks.  After putting on his bullet-proof vest, Chief Detritus proceeded to enter the abandoned factory.  Once inside, he determined that these weren’t your run-of-the-mill criminals by the “garbage can” that had a bunch of wires hooked up to it (he only assumed it was a bomb, but was it a working bomb?).  These robbers didn’t have much to lose because as soon as the face to face negotiations failed, they detonated the bomb.  Stone had enough time to leap across the room to protect his wife from what he suspected was the real bomb.  In fact, the “garbage can” was a decoy and the real bomb was positioned somewhere behind a stack of plate glass that was situated behind Mrs. Detritus.  This being the case, Chief Detritus suffered few injuries from the multiple shards of flying glass while his wife’s back was covered with glass shrapnel from the windows. 

Outside, the rest of the force heard the explosion and saw three men running from a side exit to the building.  All three men were arrested, tried and found guilty on the counts of 1st degree murder, Grand Larceny, resisting arrest, attempted murder, and parking across three handicapped spaces.  Sandy Detritus, age 42, died in the explosion.  Chief Detritus barely escaped with his life due to the fact that his wife suffered the brunt of the shrapnel.  The only injuries that he sustained were to his face, the main one being the destruction of his right eye.

Immediately after the explosion, Stone realized that his wife was dead.  He held her lifeless body close to his, clutching her head of brown hair close to his chest and weeping.  The pain of losing his wife was far greater than the throbbing pain that he felt on the right side of his face.  When the rest of the force found him, he was hunched over his wife, unconscious.  He awoke three days later in a hospital room.  Stone felt the warmth of the sun on the right side of his face, but when he tried to open his right eye to look out the window, he realized that he would never be able to live a normal life again.

On the night of July 9th, 2002, a mysterious man in a white straightjacket and aviator sunglasses passed through the automatic doors of Rasputin Memorial Hospital.  He walked with purpose and determination as if he was fighting for the safety of the entire world.  Soon after entering the hospital, the mystery man came upon a room and let himself in.  Lying on the bed was a man with bandages over the right side of his face.  The name on the clipboard outside said that this was Chief Stone Detritus of the police force.  Working quickly and quietly, the man was done within an hour and left without being noticed by anything except security cameras.

Stone awoke the next day in a depressed state until he noticed something different.  Before, when he tried to look out the window, he couldn’t because of his destroyed right eye, but today he was able to see a beautiful courtyard with a weeping willow and a picnic table outside the window.  Somewhat puzzled by what was going on, he got up and walked to the bathroom.  Before he even turned on the light in the bathroom, he noticed a red glow starting to appear as he approached the dark bathroom.  Stone splashed his face with some water, and then looked into the mirror.  With a jolt of surprise, he almost fell backward into the bathtub at the sight of the right side of his face.  What had once been bandages over his eye had now been replaced with what seemed to be a bionic eye that resonated with a red glow.  The only other difference to his face was the nine inch long scar running from the top of his forehead to the middle of his cheek.

Curious to the new capabilities of his eye, Stone entered his room and took another look out the window.  He was almost surprised to the point of falling down again, when he was able to see, clearly etched in the bark of the weeping willow, which was at least 50 yards away, the initials SD + SB enclosed by a heart.  Turning back to his room, Stone picked up the newspaper and noticed the banner headline which read, “3 men involved in explosion each get life.”  Recalling his wife’s passing brought rage swelling up inside Stone’s heart toward these three men as he clenched crumpled the newspaper with a clenched fist.  “They don’t deserve to get a life sentence, they deserve to die!” thought Stone as he began to pack up his things. Checking out of Rasputin Memorial Hospital with his belongings and wearing his semi-new pair of Oakleys, Stone hailed a taxi and got a ride home.

Once home, he started plotting his revenge.  The Waterville State Penitentiary was located nearby (nearby was about 150 yards) to a grassy hill from which you could see the entire town.  With gun in holster, Chief Detritus made his way up the hill.  The three robbers were back in their separate cells from a dinner of imitation gruel.  By complete coincidence, all three of them had windows that faced the highest hill in town.  As the ringleader of the group gazed out of his cell with a little bit of remorse starting to seep into his hardened heart, he noticed something strange.  Out on the hill was a red light, but it didn’t seem to be moving fast enough to be any type of motorcycle, until all the sudden it stopped.  Looking out the window in curiosity, the ringleader felt a sharp pain in his right eye as he heard a gunshot.  A slight smile came over Stone’s face as he watched through his bionic eye, down the sight of his gun, the expression on the first victim’s face as he died.  The other two criminals suffered the same fate at the hands of the vengeful police chief dying seconds later.  “It is finished, my love,” thought Stone as he lowered his arm and put his gun back in its holster.

Three months later, dressed in his Sunday best, Stone Detritus stood over the monument for his wife.  He bent over to place a bouquet of flowers on the tombstone that read, “Sandy Detritus 1960 – 2002, A loving wife and mother.”  A few days earlier, Stone went back to the hospital and observed the security tapes of the day that he obtained his bionic eye, to find out who was responsible for his gift.  Looking up toward the sky, Stone muttered, “Thank you, Captain Random, for helping me exact my revenge.”  Putting his sunglasses back on, he sauntered away with his trench coat flowing behind him, the only irregularity with his appearance being the red glow around the edges of his sunglasses.

Note: After re-reading this chapter, I noticed how far I’ve come in my writing since those early college years. While this is somewhat trite and cliche, I feel that the years of practice and development have refined my style from what this chapter shows.


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