Chapter V

Electric personality of Dr. Lighto

 “Ever since I could remember, I’ve had this problem,” said a man reclined on a psychiatrist’s couch, the silhouette of raindrops from outside running across his body.  “I could never explain what caused it, but it was always there.”  The psychiatrist, trying to make it seem like he was actually earning his pay for this session, urged the man to go on. 

“Because of this problem, I was shunned from all the groups at school, could never get a date and was turned down from almost all of my job interviews.”  Dr. Nosington, the psychiatrist, asked the man what the problem was.  “You really want to know?”  Nostington confirmed his answer to this question by nodding his head.  “All right,” said the man, “Here goes.”

He let out a little chuckle and just as he finished, a lightning bolt shot through the sky with the booming thunder drowning all sounds in the room.  “See!  See what I mean!  Every time I laugh, there is always a flash of lightning followed by the deafening thunder!”

 Dr. Nosington raised his left eyebrow, looked at his clipboard filled with doodles and began to give his prognosis, “It seems to me, Dr. Lighto, that your field of work as an Emergency Room doctor has given you a lot of stress and caused this paranoia.”
“What do you mean?!” exclaimed Dr. Ning Lighto.
Clearing his throat, Dr. Nosington continued, “I mean that it’s just a coincidence that when you chuckled right now a bolt of lightning crackled overhead.  As you can plainly see, there is a thunderstorm outside.”
“NO!  I’m not imagining things!”
“Calm down, Ning, my prescription is for you to go on a long vacation for a while and to relax,” Dr. Nosington looked at his watch and continued, “It seems that our time is up for today.  Here is the card of a good travel agent that I know.  Book yourself a week-long vacation to oh, I don’t know, Florida.”

Realizing that he now had a chance to go on a vacation, Dr. Ning Lighto finally gave in to his psychiatrist’s demands.  “Thanks for your help Doctor, I’ll be canceling next week’s session because I’ll be on vacation in Florida!” said Ning with a large hint of sarcasm that wasn’t detectable to his psychiatrist.  As he got up from the couch and headed for the door, Dr. Lighto called the psychiatrist a quack under his breath.

The travel agent was extremely friendly to the point that it was painful to the people she talked to.  Ning was now booked on a flight from New York to Miami for tomorrow and had beach-front hotel reservations for the next seven days.  During the flight, Dr. Ning Lighto met an interesting man in a white suit who didn’t talk very much, which was all right with him because he just needed someone to listen.  This was due to the fact that his psychiatrist did not.  Lighto spent most of the time telling his life story to this stranger.

It began back in Japan where he was born.  When he was three years old, his family moved to San Francisco and he got the best education that money could buy.  Medical school was enjoyable for Ning since he was interested in being a surgeon.  After graduation, he moved out to New York and has had a successful career as an emergency room surgeon.  He feels that he makes a difference in society because of all the lives that he saves.

Before he knew it, the plane arrived in Miami International Airport.   A half hour later, Dr. Ning Lighto arrived at his hotel.  “I have reservations,” mentioned Dr. Lighto even though he was thinking to himself, “but I came anyway.” The receptionist made a few quick keystrokes on her computer and the file came up that said, “DR. LIGHTO, NING – ROOM 134.”  “Here we are, Dr. Lighto,” said the perky receptionist, “You’ll be staying in room 134.” “Thanks,” replied Ning as he strolled over to the elevator.

“Please hold the door!” said a man in the white suit as he was running toward the elevator that Lighto was in.  This man was the same person that sat next to him on the airplane.  There was something odd about him, despite the fact that he wore a white suit with a white shirt, white tie, white socks, white shoes, and carried a white briefcase.  His black hair was slicked back and he wore a pair of fashionable sunglasses, even indoors.  The little that Ning learned about this man was that he was a traveler who was also going to Florida for a vacation after an assignment in Des Moines, Iowa.  Almost by coincidence, the man in white and Dr. Lighto were staying across the hall from each other.

Five days shot by quickly and before he knew it, there were only two days left on his vacation.  Lying on the beach, tanning and reading tends to make time fly by.  Today Dr. Lighto decided to do something he hadn’t tried before: golf.  He rented a car and drove out to a course.  After renting some clubs and buying balls and tees, he headed out to his first green.

From behind him, there was a familiar voice that said, “May I join your game?”  It was the man in white from before, but now he was wearing a white polo shirt and a pair of white shorts.  “Why, sure!” said Ning with a tone of friendliness.  On about the 5th hole, Dr. Lighto had a perfect drive.  When he went down the fairway to see where his ball landed, he saw that he got a hole in one.  “This is the best vacation I’ve ever had!” exclaimed Dr. Lighto.  Finally loosening up, he let out a hearty laugh.  Catching himself, he waited for the lightning to flash and the thunder to sound.  Instead, there was nothing.  He thought to himself, “Maybe it was just all in my head and I was paranoid.  Maybe my psychiatrist was right after all.

Moving on to the next hole, Ning had another great drive and let out another hearty laugh.  At that very instant, lightning struck the golf club that he was still holding, killing Dr. Lighto instantly.  The man in white was not fazed by this and jumped into the golf cart and drove away at a speedy four miles per hour as Dr. Ning Lighto’s corpse lay smoldering on the fairway.


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