Chapter VI

Facts vs. Truth:  A Fight to the Death

From within the icy blackness of the outer reaches of our universe, a war beyond our comprehension was waged.  As the continuous flow of time marched on, two sides of a spectacular conflict built their forces for one more final assault.  Within the galaxy of Ivity, in the system of Relativity and on the distant planet of Subjectivity, the roots of this war began.  Upon the surface of this planet live only two races.  The Facts live on the polar regions of this planet where snow covered mountains make up the entirety of the terrain.  Conversely, the Truths live in the equatorial regions of Subjectivity, where low rolling hills covered in grass dominate the scenery.  If you are wondering how you’re supposed to tell each race apart, don’t worry.  Both the Facts and the Truths appearances have been assimilated from their surroundings.

Despite being separated by the Truths’ territory, the Facts occupy most of the planet.  Facts are incredibly cold and hard with a very structured look to their physique.  Their bodies are very angular, like the sharp peaks of their mountains.  The northern Facts come in a white color compared to their southern, black colored counterparts.  Facts are easy to point out because of their striking contrast to everything around them.  Even though there’s a color differentiation between the Facts, they have united together to crush the rebellion of the Truths’ uprising.

Occupying the central region of Subjectivity, the Truths are holding up underneath the Facts’ goal of world domination.  Truths are easy to identify because all truths look the same.  With grey coloring and a fuzzy look, truths are able to easily maintain camouflage in any setting.  The bodies of the Truths are difficult to identify due to their indeterminate shape and fuzziness.  For the longest time, the Truths have been holding back the Facts continual invasion of their land.

Since the Facts already occupy both sides of Subjectivity, the Truths lie somewhere in between.  Until recently, the Facts have been victorious in their battles to rule the world.  Unfortunately for the facts, the Truths have found a powerful leader among their ranks.  Quickly rising through the ranks of the Truths’ resistance movement, General Ambiguity has begun to counter the Facts’ advances on the Truths’ territory.  He did not win his first battle as General, but he was able to come closer than the Truths have in the past.

The “Battle of Affection” was waged on the southern border of the Truths’ region.  In General Ambiguity’s first battle as a General, he brought forth the first attack with the maneuver of “Everybody loves Raymond.”  Unfortunately, the Facts had anticipated this and countered with their “No, not everyone loves Raymond” plan.  Even though the Truths did not attain victory, they made the Facts work for it.

From the beginning of the war on the Truths, the Facts have been led by General Specific.  The first big loss for General Specific was in the “Battle of Circularity.”  Attacking with his flanks on the northern border of the Truths’ territory, General Specific brought forth his best fighter, “All circles are round.”  Unknown to General Specific was that General Ambiguity had his best fighter too.  “According to Plato, no circle is truly and entirely round” came from behind and was able to defeat the Facts’ best fighter in this crucial first win for General Ambiguity.

At this point, the Truths’ forces began to fight harder than they ever had before.  They were able to win the “Battle of Water” mere days after their first victory.  The Facts used their “Water is needed in order to sustain life” weapon, but was successfully countered by the Truths’ “Water is known as the main cause of drowning” reflecting shield.  Following this second win, the Truths brought the fight to the Facts.

In the “Battle of Dimensions,” the battle was fought on the southern border of the Facts’ northern territory.  The Facts brought forth a legion of “We live in 4 dimensions”, but was met by the Truths’ battalion of “We can only travel in 3 ½ dimensions.”  This skirmish was deemed a draw, but only because casualties were even between both sides.  Taking the divide-and-conquer mentality, the Truths also attacked the Facts’ northern border on the southern territory.  This was the “Battle of Absolutes” and it lasted for three days.  The defensive tactic of the Facts was “Every religion says that it has the absolute truth.”  Unfortunately, the Truths were ready for this and fought back with a bomb of “Only one religion can be right.”

General Specific saw that his forces were losing morale at a rapid rate.  Therefore, he pulled out all the stops on his final attack on the Truths’ territory.  Using a surprise strategy, General Specific and his paratroopers were deployed into the Truths’ capital city of Veritas.  At the same time, General Ambiguity was being awarded at the capital along with several of his best men.  The “Battle of Simple Math” raged right on the capital steps.  The two generals fought in hand to hand combat for the better part of an hour.  General Specific was wielding his sword named “1 + 1 = 2” against General Ambiguity’s “In binary, 1 + 1 = 10” sword.  Seeing an opening, General Ambiguity was able to kill General Specific, thereby crippling the Facts’ forces.  As the remaining Facts troops were being captured in Veritas, General Ambiguity knew that this was not the end of the war, for as all Truths know, history repeats itself as it had done since the beginning of time.

After the end of the “Battle of Simple Math,” a strange being was discovered.  It seemed that a Fact and a Truth had a child.  This child looked like any one of us on Earth, but on Subjectivity, it looked so different from anything on the planet that it had to be banished.  Due to random chance, the banished child happened to land on Earth and was raised by a very military family.  The child grew up and joined the armed forces, making his way to Captain before having to leave the service.  Now Captain Random roams the earth, unaware of his origins on Subjectivity.

Note: This was actually written for a creative writing class I took in college. I also submitted it to the literary journal at my school called “High Grade” in 2007, making this my first published work. I tacked on the last paragraph to make it relevant to the plot of the novel.

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