Rulers of the Waves

Meijin "Triviamaster" Trivalu

A few years ago I became involved in a little collaborative storytelling project. This story took place on an online forum for fans of the anime One Piece. The idea behind the concept was that a group of people spread throughout the world would each have an individual character of their own design that they would use to contribute to a larger story. Each post in the forum thread would add to the story. This was quite the interesting writing experience and I’ve yet to come across something quite like it since. Not only do you have to rely on the creativity of others, but the chance to tell a story together with people you’ve never met in real life was a somewhat unifying event.

At any rate, there was a lot of writing that occurred, but no real direction or structure was applied to the plot. After a while the thread stagnated and the writers went their separate ways. As I look back on the segments of the story that I helped to write, I saw some good ideas and something a little different than what I had written for my novel. In fact, I wrote this shortly after I stopped purposely writing my novel.

The following 7 chronicles are the segments of the story that I had written. The other writers have been omitted for space constraints and because this is a display of my writing, not theirs. Also, since we all came from different backgrounds, we all had different levels of grammar and English experience. Occasionally I will put plot points in brackets to fill in anything written by someone else that might be needed to further explain my segments. If you would like to read the entirety of the story, you can click on the link here : The Rulers of the Waves Chronicles.

Jolly Roger of Captain Random

Since this story would probably fall somewhere in between fan fiction and actual fiction, here are some terms that you may need to know that are specific to the One Piece franchise:

Beli – The currency of the One Piece world. Beli are usually equatable to yen, or about 1 beli to 1 penny in American currency.
Marines – Even though most people think of the Navy as the police of the sea, in One Piece it’s the Marines.
Nakama – A Japanese word that is usually used with the connotation of “comrade”, but has a meaning a little closer to “family”.
West Blue – The One Piece world is divided into 4 areas: West Blue, East Blue, North Blue and South Blue. These oceans are separated by the Grand Line (the ocean that runs across the equator) and the Red Line (which is a long, narrow strip of land that circles the globe perpendicular to the Grand Line).
Devil Fruit – This was the method by which the author of One Piece gave his characters superpowers. You eat a Devil Fruit and you will gain the power of that fruit (e.g. rubber, fire, bird). However, you will be unable to swim with one of these powers.
Kairouseki – This is a stone / metal that negates the powers of a Devil Fruit user. It is said to have the same frequency as the sea, which is what gives it power over Devil Fruit users as they are unable to swim for the same reason.
Merman – Unlike the common image of a merman, the more correct term for the merman in this story would be “fishman”. Think of a man that has the attributes of a fish like a shark or octopus and you’ve got a fishman.
“-kun” & “-san” – Generally “kun” an honorific used in Japanese toward someone with which you are well acquainted. “-san” is used as a more formal honorific.


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