Chronicle 3

After finishing a lunch of meat and booze at the “Drunken Roger”, Meijin once again asked Jackson some questions.  Pointing to a sketch of a wolf girl in his sketchbook, he asked, “Do you know where this person went?”  Jackson replied, “She just left here about an hour before you came in.  She said something about getting to a new job, but I don’t know what it was.”  Moving on, Trivalu pointed to another face in his sketchbook, this time of a merman.  “How about this guy?” he asked.  Once more, Jackson replied, “He left just after the wolf girl did.  He’s pretty loud and passionate, so he shouldn’t be hard to find.”  Paying for his information from the bartender, the Triviamaster left the “Drunken Roger” to go check up on his ship, The Enigma II.

Back on his ship, Meijin’s parrot, Quiz, flew down off the main mast and said, “Nothing to report, AWWK!”  Trivalu laid down on his barcalounger and stared into the blue sky.  He had just a few more hours until he was to meet with the White Bandana pirate.  Again, he went through all the facts that he had gathered in his head.  He knew of seven of the pieces and was soon to find out about the vital ninth piece.  The names of five of the crew had fallen into place along with their positions.  Unfortunately, there was a piece missing.  Talking to himself, the Triviamaster said, “I hope one of the confirmed pieces found the missing link.”

Dropping off some of his supplies in the storeroom of The Enigma II, Meijin decided to try and find the loud and passionate merman.  Leaping over the bow of his boat, the Triviamaster thought, How hard can it be to find a merman on this island?


The anouncement over the PA system gave Meijin some vital information.  Over the loudspeakers, he had heard “White bandana crew,” “Sakurai Oh-Nagi,” and “Stage 8.”  Opening up his journal, he wrote down “Sakurai Oh-Nagi”  in one of the blank headings.  Three names left. That guy had to be the merman.  He was definitely the loudest guy in town, as was shown at least twice today.

Trivalu figured that Sakurai would be waiting at stage 8 for the rest of the day, so he started heading over there.  The rhythm of the Triviamster’s sandals on the cobblestone streets kept a constant beat as he wondered if the merman had found the missing piece to the puzzle.


Approaching stage 8, Meijin saw the merman he was looking for.  He was deep in though about something; however, his hair noticed that Trivalu was coming and gave a friendly “Phu~.”  With a flick of his wrist, the Triviamaster threw his invitation card to the octopus that grabbed it and thrust it in front of Sakurai’s eyes.  “Hey!  I can’t write if I can’t see!” exclaimed the merman.  He took a second look at the item blocking his vision and quickly turned his head to where Meijin was standing.

“A band of 8 or 9 who all have extrordinary powers, huh?  It seems that I remember a band from the West part of South Blue like that called The Aquabats,” said Meijin as he shook Sakurai’s hand.  Trivalu got a light little shock from Sakurai’s hand and laughed, “Whoa! That’s pretty cool, you’re just like one of those novelty buzzers!  I’m Meijin “Triviamaster” Trivalu, and I believe you go by Sakurai Oh-Nagi, right?”


“Well, I guess I could play piano or write songs but . . .”  Something in Sakurai’s energetic speech caught Meijin’s attention.  “Wait, you said that there was a vocalist, right?  What do you know about that person?  Where can I find her?”  The missing link!  He found the missing link!

Trivalu answered some more of Sakurai’s questions, “If by manager, you mean the person who gave us these cards, no I haven’t met him.  In fact, I’m afraid that I have to pass on the performance tonight.  I have a personal meeting with the “manager” tonight that I must attend.”


Meijin seemed disappointed with the information about the missing link.  “Couldn’t you just describe her to me?  Maybe just a name?”  Perhaps since she was so inconspicuous, the Triviamaster would have never guessed that she was part of the crew.


Well, this is going nowhere fast, Meijin thought while the energetic merman performed in front of him.  Turning around and beginning to leave, Trivalu said, “I still have another person to find, so I’ve got to get going.  If you see that singer that you’re so excited about, tell her that I’m looking forward to meeting her.”


Meijin had just taken his first step off the stage and stopped.  Wait a minute!  There was something there, right? Trivalu whipped out his journal and quicly wrote down the words to Sakurai’s song.

“Her name is… Ever Rare, Innocence Stained… Kings Abide, Illumination Darknened, Every Night…”

There is a message here, but where is it? A sly smile crept across the Triviamaster’s face as he circled the first letter of each word.  Eris Kaiden

Glancing behind him to the stage, the merman was no longer there, Perhaps he’s backstage.  Meijin continued to smile as he continued into the crowd, out to find the 8th piece.  So, that wolf-girl is the cook, huh?


[The white bandana character met Meijin and told him to research the person who said a particular quote.]

Only a weakling is capable of true courage. This was going to be a little harder than the other puzzles.  Meijin mentally went over how to find the information he was looking for.

That phrase is almost an oxymoron, but it has some merit to it.  Let’s see  . . . courage.  Where might I find somewhere that has courage?  This place also has to have weaklings, but not necessarily somewhere where they stay weak.

Trivalu’s eyes widened as he came upon an idea.  He left the deserted alley and began to search for the answer to his question.  Since this was an island primarily concerned with trade, it took a while to find the place he was looking for.

Deep within the residential area, the Triviamaster found a small and humble dojo.  Over the entrance, the phrase, “Only a weakling is capable of true courage” was emblazoned on a wooden sign.  His mouth curled into a smile as he went inside and removed his sandals.

The dojo was deserted except for an old and wise sensei sitting cross legged on the floor with his eyes closed underneath another sign emblazoned with a motto.  This one read, “Karate ni sente nashi” (in English, this says, “There is no first attack in karate.”)  The sensei could sense Meijin’s presence and said, “You wish to learn the arts of Shotokan karate, am I right?”

Bowing politely to the old man, Trivalu replied, “No, I’m just seeking an answer to a question.  I saw the phrase, “Only a weakling is capable of true courage” across your front door and I was curious who said it.”

With his eyes still closed, the sensei spoke, “Ah yes, the words of the Shotokan master.  The man you are speaking of goes by the name of Gichin Funakoshi.  This great man was originally from East Blue, but has traveled wide and far to spread his martial art and his belief in common decency and respect that each human being should owe to another.  He was trained underneath two different styles of karate and was able to meld them into the style known as Shotokan that is practiced at this very dojo.”

Opening his eyes, the old man looked at the Triviamaster and said, “Have I been of any assistance to finding your answer?”  Meijin closed his journal and put it back in his white trench coat.  Again, bowing politely, Trivalu said, “You have given me all the information that I need, and I thank you.”

Having re-laced his sandals up his calves, the Triviamaster headed back to the “Drunken Roger” to see if he could pick up the trail of the wolf-girl cook.  That puzzle put me a little off track.  Now I can get back to finishing the bigger puzzle.  I’ll be ready with the information at the north beach, White Bandana, you can count on it.


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