Chronicle 5

Meijin arrived at the plaza for stage 8 just as Sakurai was starting to sing.  From what he could tell, the merman was having a singing duel with the other man on stage.  ”Hmmm, that must be Jinn.  I haven’t seen him around before, but he seems to be melding with the crew well.” Trivalu pulled out his sketchbook and did a quick sketch of his new nakama.  Opening his journal, he started writing down notes as he observed this fashionably dressed man.


Off in the distance, Meijin heard the sound of a gong being struck.  Soon afterward, Sakurai started into his electrifying rock solo.  Jinn had to pull something spectacular off in order to match the merman’s skill.  Trivalu watched as Jinn’s scarf grabbed a guitar and began to get ready to play.

Mumbling to himself, the Triviamaster said, “Zason said that he’d have a Devil’s Fruit power.  It appears to me that his power is a control over fabrics.”  Meijin watched as Jinn pulled out all the stops to beat this new rival.  Unfortunately for the few people who were around to hear and see this spectacle, it was like watching a train wreck in slow motion.  Jinn tried his hardest, but it wasn’t until the end of his performance that he admitted what everyone else knew already.  “Horrible . . . . “ was all that Trivalu could hear from the defeated man.

The Triviamaster began to approach the stage.  With his hands, he clapped a slow, sarcastic applause as he came up to the dueling singers.  “That was quite a spectacle, both of you,” Meijin said dryly.  Turning to Jinn, Trivalu said, “I don’t think that you’ll be able to match this merman’s musical skills, Jinn.  But your effort was quite admirable.”  A piece of etiquette shot into the Triviamaster’s head as he apologized with an extended hand, “I’m sorry, I haven’t introduced myself yet.  I’m Meijin “Triviamaster” Trivalu, at your service.”


From the corner of his eye, Meijin saw Kato running to the stage.  Seconds later, Jinn had been tackled to the ground by the human llama.  Trivalu couldn’t resist a hearty laugh, not only for the overly worried doctor, but for the fashionable man on the floor who thought he was the captain.  “Oh no, I’m not the captain.  Although, I can see why you would think so.  I used to be captain of my own crew.  Now I’m just the first mate for the white bandana crew.”

Sakurai started singing again and Trivalu heard his name.  “TRIVALU, WHAT’S GOING ON? (WE WANT AN ANSWER)”

A smirk crept over the Triviamaster’s face as he cleared his throat and said, “I’m sure you all have a lot of questions.  Most of them are probably about our captain.  You’ll all be able to meet him tomorrow, when we set out on our grand adventure.  Before that happens, the crew needs to be gathered.  There are a lot of you here already; but tomorrow, we need to find the lesser seen members.  It’s really late right now, so why don’t we meet back on this stage tomorrow.”

As Meijin turned to leave, he heard Jinn ask what the captain was like.  He replied, “The captain would like to remain anonymous until tomorrow.  But I’ll give you a riddle instead.  Why do you think we’re all on this crew?  We don’t appear to be similar in any sense of the word.  I’ll tell you the answer.  The reason that we’ve been chosen is that each of us has an enormous treasure in a chest that cannot be opened by a key.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going back to my room to sleep.  I’ll see you all here tomorrow.”


Meijin had left stage 8 and was deep in thought when something caught his eye.  Bounding down the street was an iguana that he had seen somewhere before.  The animal looked frantic as it was trying to communicate to Trivalu that he should follow it.  Finally, the message was understood as the Triviamaster ran down some back alleys, following the iguana named Icaris.

Icaris led Meijin back to Yin, who was writhing in pain on the ground.  Groceries were strewn about and kneeling over Yin was a red-haired girl, who said, “H-Hey . . . are you all right mister?”  Cautiously approaching the scene, Trivalu knelt down across from the girl over Yin.  “Do you know him?” asked the girl, who was obviously concerned for the individual in front of her.
“Yes, we’ve met before,” replied the Triviamaster.
“Can you help him, then?  He looks to be in a lot of pain.”
“Yeah, I believe I can help.  He’s currently unconscious, so it’s vital that I revive him.”
Grabbing Yin’s shoulders, Meijin shook him to try and awaken his new nakama.  Icaris was on Meijin’s back, watching intently as he stopped shaking the unresponsive Yin.  Trivalu saw that this would take a little more thought and power to wake Yin up.  Reaching into one of the inside pockets of his white trench coat, the Triviamaster pulled out a vial.

“What’s that?” the redhead asked.
“Smelling salts, it should revive him.  If not, he may be in more trouble than we know.”
Opening the vial, Meijin waved the smelling salts underneath Yin’s nose.  With a few coughs and a violent spasm, Yin came out of his unconsciousness.  He looked up at the relieved Meijin and Icaris and asked, “What happened?”


As Yin introduced himself to the red-haired girl, Meijin realized that he hadn’t done so.  Also, he didn’t know the name of this red-haired girl in front of him.  As she shook Yin’s hand, she said, “My name’s Ruby, nice to meet you, Yin.”  After Yin’s introduction, Trivalu stood and said, “I’m Meijin “Triviamater” Trivalu.  It’s nice to meet you, Ruby.”

Yin seemed to be having trouble getting up, so the Triviamaster once again knelt down in order to bring the archer into a more upright position.  All three of them started out and Yin asked, “Where are we going?”  Meijin replied, “We’re headed to the inn.  You need to get some sleep after whatever it was that happened to you.”  Turning to Ruby, he continued, “I’m sorry that we have to part ways so soon, but this man needs some medical attention.”  Ruby seemed to understand as she stood there silently, nodded her head and watched the two nakama walk towards the inn.  Suddenly, she realized that she had dropped her groceries and scurried back to go pick them up.

Once Trivalu had gotten Yin to his room he said, “I’m going to go find our doctor, so you just get some rest and I’ll be right back.”  Closing the door softly behind him, the Triviamaster hurried back to stage 8 to get Kato.  Having already sustained injuries in his fight with the captain and despite not being able to get some sleep, Meijin was starting to wear down.  He had just gotten back to stage 8 when he saw Sakurai bent in half on the ground with Kuro standing triumphantly above him.  The rest of the crew had sweat drops behind their heads and nervous looks on their faces.

Kato rushed over to Sakurai to try and comfort him.  Trivalu came up behind the llama-man and said, “Kato, there’s a member of our crew back at the inn, room 23.  I just revived him from being unconscious, but he seemed to be in a lot of pain.  Could you go check on him?”  Kato nodded and ran off towards the inn as the Triviamaster collapsed on stage and instantly drifted off to sleep.


As Meijin collapsed on the stage, he immediately fell into a deep sleep.  A vivid dream started to form as the Triviamaster delved into slumber.

The dream was so real to him because it was one of the most traumatic events of his life.  Back upon his ship, The Enigma, Meijin “Triviamaster” Trivalu, also known as Captain Random of the Triviamaster pirates stood on the starboard bow looking reflectively out upon the vast West Blue.  For a couple of years, Captain Random had received quite the reputation as a highly intelligent, if not eccentric captain.  He and his crew explored various islands searching for truths to myths and solving the great riddles of the sea.  As Captain Random stood on his hand-made ship, dark clouds gathered over the horizon.

From behind him, he heard his first mate call out, “Hey, Captain!”  Captain Random turned around to see his entire crew on the deck behind his first mate, who continued, “When are we going to see some action?  All we ever do is sail around in search for hidden treasures that have already been claimed!  When’ll we get to start looting and pillaging like all the other pirate crews get to?”  Pointing out the obvious answer, Captain Random said, “If you wanted to be like all the other pirate crews, you should have joined them instead.”  His smirk vanished when he saw the determination in everyone’s eyes and that no one else was smiling with him.

A bolt of lightning flashed across the sky.  Almost as if the lightning had torn the clouds asunder, it began to rain.  The first mate said, “We feel that you don’t have our best interests at heart and we have decided to pursue other avenues of adventure.”  Behind him, the crew was nodding their heads.  Captain Random jumped down off the bow and sauntered up to the first mate.  As the rain dripped off his sunglasses, he said, “So, what do you all plan to do about it?”  Turning around, he shouted to the storm and the crew, “YOU ALL KNOW THAT I’D BE ABLE TO BEAT YOU!”  That’s when the blow from behind came and knocked him out.

When he regained consciousness a few moments later, he saw that he had been tied up and was standing on a makeshift plank.  Captain Random could feel the deep jabbing of the pole into his back, urging him forward, as if it was really happening (in reality, Mei was poking him).  With the dignity of a much better man, Captain Random reached the end of the plank, turned around and smiled as he said, “You know, this isn’t over.  I’ll hunt down each and every one of you mutinous dogs and see that you get your justice on the lowest level of hell.”  With this final speech, the plank broke and he fell into the surging ocean.  Since he was tied up, it was difficult to swim, not to mention the feeling of enormous pressure on his lungs due to the increasing depth of the water (in reality, Jinn had landed on Meijin, knocking the wind out of him).

It seemed to Trivalu that this drowning nightmare would never end until he felt an unnatural poking again.  Meijin awoke with a start to see Kuro and Mei crouched over him.  His hand went to his sweating forehead and wiped off the perspiration as he sighed, “It was only a dream.”  Glancing at the two girls over him, he noticed that Kuro wasn’t wearing any pants.  With a raised eyebrow, the Triviamaster asked, “What did I miss?”


Meijin looked around at the blood stained stage and wondered, “What really did happen here?  Was it some sort of animal sacrifice?” He decided to shrug it off and hopped off the stage.  Turning back around, he said, “I’ll see you ladies tomorrow.  I’m going to finish sleeping in a bed, instead of on the carnage of that stage.  Goodnight.”

Arriving back at the inn, Trivalu used the bathroom to clean some of his wounds and to re-bandage them.  Having already slept a little beforehand, the Triviamaster couldn’t get to sleep.  He laid on his back and stared at the ceiling.  There was a new adventure just over the horizon, he could smell it.  With a smile on his face, Meijin’s heavy eyelids finally slid into place as he once again delved into a deep sleep.


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