Week 12

Casserole Italian

[taken from page 58 of “The Weilert Family Cookbook: 2nd Edition”]

Casserole ItalianNotes: What’s great about cooking is that I can cook all of my favorite recipes. I don’t have to cook the dishes I don’t like, because I am in control. Also, this was my second dinner party.

1. This dish calls for mushrooms, and I remember them being in it originally, but I think they were phased out after a while. I left them in, and there wasn’t much difference.
2. I keep running into the issue of amounts for ingredients not consistent with what is actually offered in stores. As a result, I’ve had to go with amounts that are close to what the recipe calls for. This may mean that there’s a bit too much or too little of certain ingredients, but in the end it really doesn’t matter.
3. I need to brown the sausage before sauteing the mushrooms, so that I can just use the grease from the sausage to saute the mushrooms. All that is required is moving one step in front of another.
4. This dish is really about timing and multitasking. Instead of doing one step at a time, many steps can be done simultaneously to get done that much quicker.
5. Because I had guests coming over, I had to shorten the baking time by a few minutes. Turns out that it ended up being kind of runny. I suppose that the full baking time would evaporate all that extra liquid. Now I know for the future.

New Equipment Needed: Skillet Strainer. Actually, I mentioned this before, but I may have found an alternative. I used the lid from my big pot to hold the sausage back while I drained the grease. It seemed to work well, but I’m sure a strainer would also be handy.


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