Chronicle 2

As soon as the door to his room was shut and the “Do not Disturb” sign was hanging on the doorknob, Meijin pulled out his sketchbook, journal and a pencil and began to think.  He always did this best thinking while in the quiet darkness of night.  First, Trivalu did some quick sketches of the characters he remembered at the bar.  In all, he was able to remember twelve faces.  Now, writing in his journal, he started listing specific characteristics under twelve different headers (one for each face).  Sifting through what he could remember and relying on some hunches, he started to put asterisks next to faces and characteristics.  Some questions were quickly jotted down at the top of the page.  Nine people . . . ? was written at the top of the questions.  That number had some significance, the question was what significance.

Since he had gotten into his room the Triviamaster stayed up later than he had planned, trying to figure out the puzzle.  Taking off his twin shotguns and long sword and hanging them on a chair, he landed face down on the soft bed and slept as soundly as he always had.  One of his favorite and most enjoyable activities was sleeping.  He was probably the hardest sleeper in West Blue, if not the world.

The sunlight grazed Meijin’s cheek as he awoke to a slight breeze in his room.  Looking over to the open window, he couldn’t remember if he had opened it last night or not, because of all the concentration on people that he was devoting his time to.  On the nightstand laid his journal and sketchbook, both open from last night.  That, he did remember.  He picked up his sketchbook and looked over the faces again, making additional notes.  Turning his attention to his journal, he noticed something new and a smile crept up his face.

Talking to no one in particular, Meijin said, “At least he’s making this easy.  Most of the time I have to work for my information.”  The day was already in full swing at 8:00 am, so Trivalu decided to search the island for the day, seeking out the people in his sketchbook and gathering new information.  Judging from the note on top of Forbidden Mountain, six of the remaining pieces to the puzzle would help him more fully understand the ninth piece.

Gathering his belongings, he quickly made a to-do list in his head, the final item being the secret meeting on the north shore.  Heading out of his room, the Triviamaster didn’t notice that he still had his makeshift white bandana on his head.


The first stop of the day for Meijin was the “Drunken Roger.”  He stood outside, leaning against the doorframe of the bar.  Every now and then, he would look behind him to see the scene within.  Trivalu flipped open his sketchbook as he began to do some more visual research on the group of three in the bar.  In order to keep from being caught eavesdropping and spying, the Triviamaster had to go into the back alley to have a good laugh.  He had watched an interesting looking woman trying to eat a merman’s hair.  After the merman woke up, he got her to sing as the man who talks to himself started petting her pointy ears.  Meijin chuckled as he pulled out his journal and made some more notes underneath three of the headings.  In his sketchbook, he made some marks next to three of the faces.  Continuing down the list in his head, Trivalu headed off to another part of town.


Meijin was in the clothing district when he noticed one of the faces in his sketchbook.  In fact, this face already had an asterisk next to it.  Mostly concealed underneath a white beanie and black raincoat, he was able to see something odd.  Is that a llama? Trivalu thought to himself as he was observing his subject.  Counting Yin and himself, the Triviamaster was now confident of at least four other pieces of the puzzle, taking the total up to six.  There were still three more pieces, one of which would be revealed at the meeting tonight of which he must be alone.

An announcement was sent over the PA system which informed everyone of the opening ceremony in the main plaza.  Meijin was done with the observation needed for this piece, so he figured that he could find the other pieces at the plaza.

Once at the plaza, Trivalu stayed to the perimeter of the crowd.  Increasing his elevation by standing on a crate, he was able to observe the entire scene.  There were a few things he was looking for that would give him someone to observe.  Right from the start, he saw a girl who he remembered from his sketchbook.  She looked confused and seemed like she was looking for someone, which was how he was able to pick her out in the first place.  Over the din of the crowd, he could hear her yelling, “Kato!  Kaaatoooo, where are you?”

Hmmm, Kato must be one of the people who was at the bar last night. Whipping out his journal, Meijin wrote the name down and drew a few circles around it.  Now I know a third of the names.  The pieces are falling into place. Underneath the heading for the girl, he wrote down some more notes as he observed her behavior.  Another asterisk was placed near a face in his sketchbook as Trivalu said, “Another one down.  There’s only one left that I haven’t confirmed.”


The merman taking over the stage gave Meijin a chuckle as he made some more notes in his journal under the merman’s entry.  Something caught his attention out of the corner of his eye:  the black raincoat-wearing figure came into the crowd and was walking along when the raincoat got caught on something.  Ripped in twain, the raincoat fell to the ground revealing the character underneath.  Trivalu’s eyes widened as he saw a llama standing in the middle of the plaza.  “Holy crap, it is a llama!” breathed the Triviamaster as he hopped down from his crate and made his way toward the animal.

As he approached, he saw that it was crying and heard a very light, “Help me . . .” come from the llama’s mouth.  Not only is it a llama, it’s a talking llama! Meijin grabbed the llama by the back of its neck, which caused the llama to jolt in surprise.  “Don’t kill me!” was the response as the llama tensed up and closed its eyes.  Whispering into the llama’s ear, Trivalu said, “I’ve been watching you, I don’t want to hurt you.  Come with me.”  With these words, he led the llama into an alley nearby where a woman was sitting, half-asleep in spite of the ruckus nearby.  Pulling out his journal and pencil, the Triviamaster began to question the now calm llama.  “I’m Meijin “Triviamaster” Trivalu, and I’d like to know your name, if it wouldn’t be too much trouble.”


The mention of the name “Kato” brought Meijin’s eyes to the name that he had circled.  Quickly flipping through the faces in his sketchbook, he wrote the name down next to the llama’s face.  Looking back up at Kato, Trivalu said, “Let’s just say that I was given an assignment by a mutual friend of ours.  I’m supposed to find pieces to a puzzle that I’m working on and you just happen to be one of them.”  Kato seemed to be flattered by this as he blushed (as much as a llama could blush, that is).  Meijin flashed his white bandana invitation card at the llama in order to get the full meaning of his mission across.

Trying to get some more information, the Triviamaster asked another question.  “There was a gold haired girl who was calling your name in the plaza earlier.  Who is she?”  Poised for Kato’s answer, he waited . . .


[The llama told Meijin that the girl’s name was Kuro. It then asked if Meijin could pretend to be its owner so as to not raise any more suspicion.]

Another name down and confirmed. . . Meijin thought to himself as he wrote down the name next to the asterisked face in his sketchbook.  “I’d be glad to help you get around town.  Any friend of the white bandana is a friend of mine.”  Glancing to his side, Trivalu noticed that he still had his makeshift white bandana on.  He took it off and replaced it with his standard black headband.  Passing by the Siren sleeping on a barrel once again, the Triviamaster and the llama headed to the clothing district.


[One of the other main characters came up to Meijin and asked to buy the llama.]

A sly smile crept across Meijin’s face as he glanced over at Kato.  The llama’s eyes grew wide as if to say “You wouldn’t!”  Trivalu remembered the face of the man in front of him from the laughable scene in the “Drunken Roger” that morning.  “I’m sorry, sir.  This llama is not for sale.  It’s my pet.”  Kato sighed in relief as his new acquaintance saved him yet again.  “I’ll pay whatever you want for it!” said the prospective buyer.  The Triviamaster’s hand stroked his chin thoughtfully as he watched the llama sweat.  “I’m sorry, but I don’t have the proper authorization to sell this llama.”  Another sigh of relief came from Kato as Meijin changed the subject.  “You wouldn’t happen to know anything about this, would you?” questioned Trivalu as he flashed his white bandana invitation card and removed his journal from his white trench coat.


Meijin gazed through his sunglasses at the man in front of him with a raised eyebrow.  This person’s mannerisms changed and quite quickly, which could only indicate one thing.  Writing in his journal, he put down “Mat / Din” in one of the blank headings and underneath in large letters wrote “SCHIZOPHRENIC.”   To anyone who didn’t notice this fact, two outstretched hands would look like a hug was in order.  Luckily, Trivalu knew what was going on and crossed his arms so he could shake both hands at once.

Now that the semi-awkward handshake was out of the way, the Triviamaster gave some introductions “You can call me Meijin “Triviamaster” Trivalu.  This llama here is Kato and he’ll also be in our crew.  I can see why you’d think that I’d be the captain since I’ve been wearing a white bandana for the good part of today.  Also, I used to have a crew of my own until they mutinied and left me on an island to rot.”

“As for my post, I’m not really sure.  I can build a pretty good boat, so I could be a shipwright, but there’s probably a better chance that I’ll be first mate, due to my past leadership skills.”  Meijin looked over at Kato and said, “I’m not really sure what Kato’s skills are, but I’m sure they’re just as equally important as anyone else’s.”

Trivalu thought to himself, Now I know five names.  The picture is becoming clearer now.  With each piece of information, the goal becomes within reach.


A familiar face came into view as she ran a hand through her golden hair and walked over to where the three were standing.  After petting the llama and voicing her concern, she put her hands on her hips and asked, “So, who are you two?”

In this situation, Meijin had the upper hand.  He had observed her in the crowd and at the bar the night before.  Also, this was the first time where Trivalu actually knew someone’s name before they had to tell him.  “You must be Kuro,” the Triviamaster said as he extended his hand for a handshake.  “I’m Meijin “Triviamaster” Trivalu, and this guy is Mat and Din.  I’m assuming you already know our furry companion, Kato.”

The Triviamaster flicked out his white bandana invitation card as he said, “I figured that we’d better get to know each other since we’ll be sailing for a while, am I right?”


[Kuro hadn’t seen Meijin around, so she asked if he was lost or hiding.]

“That’s a very reasonable question, Kuro.  I was at the “Drunken Roger” last night for only a little bit, so if you weren’t paying attention, you would have missed me.  After that, I went up to the top of the Forbidden Mountain and received a puzzle to solve.  Since I can’t pass up the opportunity to solve a puzzle, I accepted.”

Leaning against a wall and putting his invitation back in his white trench coat, Meijin continued, “The puzzle required me to find the rest of the crew.  In order to know everyone’s true personality, I tend to like observing each person candidly.  That’s why you didn’t see me observing you pick-pocketing in that crowd while you were calling for Kato.”


Meijin let out a hearty laugh from Kuro’s responses.  “I won’t tell the Marines about your thievery if you don’t tell them about my being on the Forbidden Mountain.”  A large smile was across his face as he began to realize how much fun this adventure’s going to be.


“I’d love to join you guys, but I have some specialized shopping I need to attend to.”  As Meijin departed his newly found nakama, he knew he would meet them again soon.  He was still only sure about seven of the crew; he hadn’t found the eighth and was going to learn about the captain that night.  The sun had passed its zenith as it began its march towards sunset.  Calculating the time with his fist again, Trivalu figured that he had four or five hours until he was to set off for the north beach.

The posts started falling into place.  So far there was the first mate, some navigators, a doctor, a thief, an archer and the captain.  He knew that one of the others in his sketchbook must be a cook, the question was, which one?

Searching the island, the Triviamaster finally found what he was looking for.  In a small booth in the weapons district, he found an advantage in battle.  The booth was selling different metals from around the world.  Meijin knew exactly what metal he wanted.  Leaning in close to the salesman, he whispered, “Do you have any Kairouseki?”  The salesman was a hard bargain, but Trivalu was able to get enough of it for his purposes.

Meijin felt his stomach growl and decided it was time to get a late lunch.  He started making his way back to the “Drunken Roger” as he checked off the items on his mental to-do list.


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