Although I’ve posted all the completed chapters of my previous unfinished novel, there’s still some literary works that I feel deserve a spot on here. The following poems are selections from my sparse poetry collection:

Aria in White: 1st Movement

Piece by piece, the slate is wiped clean:
Nature’s blank canvas with a shimmering gleam.
Marching quietly towards the ground at night,
Skier’s domain comes back to life.
As the white blanket is unfurled,
The travelers’ bane constricts their world.
Unassembled artillery for many a war,
Changing the landscape near and far.
Melting clay in the craftsman’s hands,
Purity destroyed by the shifting sands.

Note: This poem was published in The Oredigger, as well as being published in the 2008 edition of High Grade.


He gave me all of my logical sensibility

but she gave me the random spark

To look at things in sequence

and to intuitively trust the shot in the dark.

Observing the wonders of the rational

while acknowledging the chaotic din

And the analysis that is always needed

to give the mundane a creative spin.

A father’s objectivity forever

countered by a mother’s subjectivity in full

While looking at all the parts,

recognizing the magnificence of the whole.

His gift of the left to my life

is complimented by the addition of her right

Within me are two halves of a whole combined to make this shining light.

Note: Unfortunately, some of the formatting was lost in transferring this poem. The idea was that the negative space on the right would match the negative space on the right. This poem was published in the 2009 edition of High Grade.

Lost Smile

Have you seen my smile?
I lost it long ago.
When my heart broke into pieces
and the pieces lost in snow.

My smile has a companion,
and laughter is its name.
Until they both return to me,
I’ll never be the same.

Note: This most recent piece was written during a difficult time in my life. I find that sometimes creative writing can be the best coping mechanism.


I want

The girl who

Smiles away her day

Has a thoughtful word to say

Isn’t afraid to speak her mind

Is Godly, loving, and kind

To be the

Man who makes her laugh

Guide along our path

Shoulder she can cry on

Husband she can rely on

The days

To be spent together

Full of calm or stormy weather

Of wine and roses

Filled with poems and prose(s)

It on my tab

So help me God.

Note: I occasionally get inspired, and this piece is just such an example of said inspiration.

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